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wattenscheider kuturnacht

15. Wattenscheider Kulturnacht 2024

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The 15th Wattenscheider Kulturnacht is scheduled: On June 21, 2024 It's that time again, a total of 15 organizations offer a diverse program in the Wattenscheider city center and an open-air program at the formerHolland collieryunder the impressive headframe.


Be excited and look forward to live music, art, literature, acrobatics and theater!

Here is an impression from last year:

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Ein großer Dank gilt allen Beteiligten sowie den Unterstützern:
Soziale Stadt Wattenscheid-Mitte, Bezirksvertretung Bochum-Wattenscheid, Werbegemeinschaft Wattenscheid e. V. & Sparkasse Bochum

... Hier geht es zu mehr Bildern und Informationen der letzten Kulturnächte.
Presseamt 003 - Kulturnacht - 27-06-2014.JPG

Every year, on a mild summer evening in June, people interested in culture and art come together
in the heart of Wattenscheid. A diverse and entertaining program of
art , literature , live music , theater and acrobatics is created at the Wattenscheider Kulturnacht.


Many places in downtown Wattenscheid are the backdrop for the events on this day.
The focal point is the old market, which is bordered by the venues (the beautiful Protestant old church as well as the catholic provost church and the city library in the Gertrudiscenter).


The tip Wattenscheider Culture Night is after 13 years of the program already an institution!



Would you like to participate, support, or get more information? Write us a message!

Thank you for your message!

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